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Sir, we have some strange readings…

HudsonI got signals. I got readings, in front and behind. 
Frost: Where, man? I don’t see shit. 
Hicks: He’s right. There’s nothin’ back here. 
Hudson: Look, I’m telling ya, there’s somethin’ movin’ and it ain’t us! Tracker’s off scale, man. They’re all around us, man. Jesus! 

Getting good solder joints is such a thing in itself. It maybe look good and eventually it conducts electric signals but the field trail reveals every little mistake. And cold solder joints…
How this affects the following example shows.

ŠŠUâÿïô°±®±®´ ¨æåâ ²¸ ²¸±º°½°¹±¿mû™íêcáèháå²± ¬áò¹³³°jRõmýýùŠŽäòáíº° ³2 í⍊ìåä°ôõòîùîç°ïþ æïò ±ó®®¾Šýô òåáä °ø±°°°°°æ捎æláóè óéúå ´±¹´³°´¬ óeãôïò ãïõþô ½ ¶´Šæìáû躰 ´ í⍊ýóéî÷°äõöáõìô åîöéòÿþíõþúkyìüé   óåòéá썊Ïõôº   óåòéá썊Åòòº   óåòéá썊îåüº   aç·²´°ß÷eüÿùîéôéáìéúå®®®Šîï öáìéä°áääúåóó éî Æláóè® Õóéîç æéøåä áääòåóóŠîï váìéä ñääòåóó éî Æüø.ë    êíåùÝÁæùøõ ŠÑÑÉÕÍí?Šº°óæ÷¹°¸ý ãæç² °ø¿±±´Šåôè°º °°º°³º·æº¸¹º°âºá䍊á÷·²´°ßðèùÿóåôõ𠍊åôè° õðº°¬öv ÂâÙÁãæç² °ø·²±´Šåôø±º °°º°³º·öº°¹º¸ñ…¶cñññéíé¶ÿòå÷ÿéîùüÿþxûì8EÅéí鶺¤òõóåôôéþ÷ ó²¶ªáôìÒÓ²¶º ó²¶ òåóåô äïî半±ç·²´°ÿðèùÿóõôõ𠍊õôø± õðŠåôè°¬ åô豍Šáõôÿòÿïôéÿ6îýI&ißÍÿýÙí5Ž³£ âïïôéîç ýíáçå°ñô ¹æ°²°°°°°¾¾®Š ¸ýõÁíÝííõùßAëõ®ûñ°òÛø¿ òòò‚ÿï덊Šóôáòôéîç ûåòîåì ®®®ŠŠû    °®°°°°°°ý ìéîõø öåòóéÿþ ³¾³×ÞH%,ûÿåρ‘Õ³úxÿéÂêÚåõÕÝéÕõ¶´½ýéîéíáì© ¨çãã öõòóéïî ´®¶®³ ²°±²°²°± ¨ðòåòåìåáóå© ¸ìéþáòÿ Çã<‰òòþÞÂÏÚû²©â¹°£²¤íÿþiáÁ³ ±·úµ±¾½¸°õüã°²ØLæèè ‚‚‚     ‚¢€doïôãïîóïìå ûåáòìùêÁåîáâìå䍊û    °®°°°°°°ý ãðÕ òåöéóéïþÊíé °°°±¹³·´ ¨íéðó°&ój半û   °°®°°°°°´ý°ûÿã'
ñáÕÉýíÁáò¹³³° òåö ±ŠÛ    °®°°°°°°ý Ãìïãëóº ãÐÕº´°°®°°°íèú°ääòº´´°®¸¸¸Íèú¼ áèâºò°°®°¸°íè/ mÛé²µ®°°°íèúŠÛâ ¤ °¿¸¸°°0°ÿ äåôåòíéþåä ðèùóéãáì úáí íá𺍊۠ ° ¸¾°¸°°°°Ý  íåíïòùº °²¸Â‚ Á°°°°°°°° ¨õóñâì婏á+‚‚‚ÂòÂÂÂÂÂÂêÁz«ËíÙÁþïô°æÿ»ÑÁïò åýðôù  äéóáâìéîç°éîéôòôŠû    °®°°¸°°°Ý Zïîå Ðæî òáîçå÷ºŽ; †‚ÊòÂé°°´°Ý°° îÿòýáì ¢ °ø°°¸¸¸Â‚úú‚Âê¹n..6ÂÂj=û°°°°òÂÂÂÂÂÂêÁíïöáâìå úÿîå°óôáòô°ðÆî æïò åáãè îïä半û °  °®°°°°°°Ý Åáòìù íåýïòù Pæî òáî÷åóŠû°   °®°°°°°°ý  ¸  °º °ø°°°òò°°° ¾ °ø°°°°²°°°Šÿ ° ÂòÂÂÂÂÂÂêÁâýùìô µ úïßùåíÑíÁéþ Úÿþå ïòäõ»¾ûoýùõñåÁçòïõðùîç ïî® ôïôáì ðáçõóº ¸±²¸Šû   °°¾°°°°°°] ëåòîåì óÿíýáþô°ìéî庠 âïáòä½ÔÌ÷Ò·0³î ãïîóïìå½ôôùÁôè°¬±±µ²°° úïïüæûþ~ßõóñõáóèæó¬êæöó² îÿéîéôòôŠû    °®°°°°°°Ý ÐÉä°üáóø ôáâìå åîôòéåóº ±²¸ ¸ïòöåòº¤½·¼ ½¹»°ò^÷öåá; ú°Ø˜Ø\\"Ý¿×å´ãñãüõ°üø. âÅÉñÕÁåþôòùõóº 4°¹¶ ¨ïòäåòº°², ±¶³¸´ âùôå󩍊û    °®°°°°°°Ý°rëËÕõãáãèå°èáóè ôáâüå õ‹éõÕíé ²°´¸ ¨ïòôåòº ¹¼°¼±¹²¢âùôùþýèøÿ‚‚‚ÂòÂÂÂÂÂÂêÁÐòéíáòù éîóôòõãôéïî ãñãøå ¶´ë⬰Öéçñ ´÷ñ~†â÷ýßíõéßÁ3²°ìùÕíýÅ; ‚†Âû°°°°°°ý°ðòéíáòý°ôXwÁãáãèå ³²ë⬰´÷áù¼°Öéðô¬ óáãèå áìéáóåó¬ ìùþåóéúõ ³² âùôåóŠû  °òÂÂÂÂÂÂúÁ×úétéþ÷ åòòãôì°òåçéóôåò½°°°°°°°°Šÿ °¾°°°°°´ý°úùXÖÅÍíÁÅòòãôì òåçéóôåò½¸°°°°°°°Šû´¤° °¾°°°¸´°ÿ¸íõíïòùº°æÎÚòúý³²·¶¸ï áöáéìáòü÷¸mÊêâúÁëåòîåì°ãïäå¼ ³¶³²ë°òåóåòöå䬠´±²ë°äáôᬰ²°¸ë éîéô¼ °ÿ°èùçèíåí¹Šû °  °¾°°°°¸°ý :ú5é çåîóìñâ󽹬 è÷áìëçþ½³²¼°JÑ×éÿ°³¼ íùîïòêõ,÷õ°¬°ãÐõ󽱬 îïäõ󽱍ŠÛ  ° °®°°°°°°ý ÎòÿÉòñóÝíìcá+ vÂÂÂÂÂÂúÁãñþýòûñþýÿÿ°ôåüñý°üÿï𮯮¨º¶µ®´² Âÿ÷ÿ• µ â @ ‚0 D ïêcá+
‚°î°¸°¸Ã~Áðéæÿýáø¿‰uæáõìôº°³²·¶¸ íéîéíõíº »°±
ŠÛ°   °®°¸°°°°ý íïõîôãáãèõ°èáóè ôáâìå åîôòéåóº µ±²áÿ    °®êÂÂÂÂêÁîÅÔº òåçéóôåöåä ðòïôïóË m\ûz»Á±¶Šÿ‚‚‚ÂòÂÊÂÂÂÂêÁçøéïãèéðÿñäôº¸ûù~kñÕÉßÙAçðíïó °°ôÿ°ö‚þýAäõöëóå»°áüü·¹Šû° ¸ òÊÂÂÂÂÂêÁíéÐÓº íáóèéîå éó ôðkªÊê
â±õ×ò·°³î ö±Šû    ¸®³´°¸°°ý âéﺠãòõáôå óìáâ ¼âùï°¾ ñ ÂjŠÿ    °®³µ°°°°Ý ó÷éôãèéîç ôï ãìÿãëóïurãå íéðóŠÿ ¤¢°°¾³¿ÂÂÂþÁîåôº°öõvkùKÕÑÁñòÿôÿûË ²ÅõåñåÁ²Šû  ° °®³¶°°°°ý éРòÿõüå ãáãèå èáóè ôáâìå åîôòéõóº°±°²´ ¨ïòôõ®7‚ò‚òÂêò‚šåùÕíå
Û°°°°°®³¶°°°°ý þ㸕íùÇÍùùóøåö°èáóè ôáâìõ åþôòéåóº ±°²´°¨ÿòäåòº ±¬ ¸±¹² âùôå󩍊û °  °®³¶°°¸þÁþ ’õýÙÁøáóè ôñòüå åîôòý÷û¾=ÃÚö‚âÿíöy.'
âÂêú‚’åùõûÊcá+‚‚‚ÂòÚúÂÂÂÂêÁôãк èáóè ôáâìåó ãïîæé÷õòåä°¨åóôáâìéóèåä 1°²´ âéîä ±°²´©Šû    °¾³¸°°°°Ý ôãðÒÕùýÁòåçéóôåòå䍊û ° °¸¾»œÂÂÂêÁõäð èáóè ôáâüõ åîtòiåóº ²µ¶ ¨ïòäåòº °¬ ´°¹¶ âùôå󩍊û   ¤´®³½¸¸°¸ý°õäðìéôõ øñóè°þñòüý¸õîôúéåþ'Úúú‚âúéÑÝéù ¸¾´¼ð¹¶ âùôå󩍊û    °®³¹°°°°Ý îÅôº òåçéóôåòåä ðòÿôïcïì°æáíéìýÊ~Šÿ    ¸‰ÒÂÂÂÂêÁóñõáóèöû'úÕòóéÿî ´¾° ¨²°°¹¯°±¯»ìj¡÷ììéø ìïõçèåòÊû  ° °®´»¸¸¸¸ý°©ÔÔ¥‚òÕéíåýùÁ²®² ¸îáîä©°¨óõííáòù© ¨ÌúíÁ© ¨òÔÉíÅ© ¨ãíïÄåßðòéïò;uß‚âžå°²°°±²°°öðÒçæ èáô¬´r{ëýèøû    °®¼»ð²°°ý íóçíîé°èáó âååî óõô ôï µ¶Šû  ° °®´³°°°°Ý Âìïãû ìñùåò ÓãóÉ ÷åþeòéã ¨âóç© äòéöåò öåòóéïî °®´ ìïáäåä ¨íñúïò ²µ´©ŠÛ   °°®´´°°´´ý°ýÿ°î,ûÑõñÕÉÁîïïð òõ÷éóôåòå䍊û    °®´´°°°°Ý éï óãèåäõüåò ôåñôüùþyIÕÝåíùßòåô´¸öõæø}Ëå5=Û    °®ÚmÃÂÂþÁóõúéá캰¸²µ°¿.óó‚¢éåýÕéñ ±¶ ðïòôó¬ éòñ óøáòùîç åîáâìå䍊û    °¾´¶°²²²ý áò½³³øõñòôº ôôùáÔȸ áô ÍíÉï °ø±¸°²°°°° ¸éòñ ½°±±© éó á ár933X UART
[$ ¨0.47p004_0consïle + W Q!Áenabled, bootcïnsole0disabled
[ 0.470000] console [ttyATH0] enabled, bootconsole disabled
[> Âr¢Â‚‚‚ê m25p80 spi0.0: found en25q32b, expected m25p80
[ 0.480084] m™M.‚ špi0/°: e·¦‹&&,$‰ƒê² Z‰ytu{-
[ 00®490080_ 5 tp-link partitions found on MTD device spi0.0
[ 0.490000] Creating 5 MTD partitions on "spi0.0"º
*[ $" 0.µp0000] 0x000000000000-0x000000020000 : "u-boot"
[ ( 1.510040] 0ø0200084r010˜KÁƒ‚‚Š’‚‚‚‚ Ò Z•É½•±
[ 0.510000] 0x000000120000-0x0000003f0000 : "rootfs"
[ 0.520000] mtd: partition "rootfs&`set ôo ce voot filesystem
[ 0.520000] split_squashfs: no squashfs!foõnd!in0"spi0.0"C±+ ƒrªž‚¢‚‚î4x0008023f0020-0x000004400000 : "art"
[ 0.530000] 0x000000020000-0x0000003f0000 : "firmware"
[ 0.560000] ag71xx_mdio: prÿbed
+$ Ærª¶‚‚‚‚êeth0: Atheros AG71xx at 0xb9000000, irq 4
[ 1.110000] ag71xx ag71xx.0: eth0: connected to PHY at ag71xx-mdio.1:04 [uyl=004df241,$driver=Generic PHY]
[ 1.120000] TCP cubic registered
_ 0 9.1300¸0] NEþ: Segiste¹Y ‚rotosol fimi¶^ìLSìh
1—L&‚‚‚ê8021q: 802.1Q VLAN Support v1.8
[ 1.140000] JFFS2 notice: (1) nffs:_buylf_xattr_subóystem: co[þgtu(÷uildmng0xattr®—ÍçÍÑ•µ± 0 of xdatum (0 unchecked, 0 orphan) and 0 of xref (0 dead, 0 orphan) found.
[ 1.160000] vVS: Mounted root (jffs2 filesystem) readonly on device 31:2.
[ 1.170020]8Freeynç unu® Z•í¹•± memozy: 20<k vzegd
_" !01.q70000] Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel. See Linux Documentat}on/Z+‹¹ºÑfor guidance.
r÷Õu\ÔÖ²õ{sýŠŠõÂïïô ±®±®´ ¨æåâ ²¸°²°±²  ±±ºµ¸º²´©ŠŠáб²± ¨áò¹³³°© õâïïôŠŠÄòÁíº  ³² í⍊ìeô ôõòîéîç ïî æïúÊÚù¾®Šùä°òåáä °ø±°°ÂºþŠæìáóè°ûéúå ´¹nóÂâò‚ÚÕÍñýéÁãïõîô ½°¶¼Šæìáó躠 ´ í⍊ÿîëëÁô÷võùùyù?þïÿûnõŠŠé°  ûyþ;ùŠï]ׂ‚‚Ú•éåÅñ5Šåròº   óåòéálŠîåôº   áç·²´°ÿåîõôßéîéôéáìéúå¾®®Šîï öñìùä°áääòõóû éî æìáóø® õóéî÷ féøåä áääúåóóŠÎo öáìéä áääòõóó éî æìáóè® Õóéîç°öùøõô°áôåóõó󍚺°ãæ÷± ¸ÿ ãæç² °ø¿±±´
Šåôô˜/6†úᳺ·æº¸¹º°âºá䍊áç·²´°ÿðèùÿóåôõ𰍊åôè° õðŠ» ãæ÷±°âÙÁãæç2 °ø·²±´Šåô豺°°°º°³º·æº°¹º°òºá䍊áôèòó²¶ßòåç_éîéôÿìááôèÒÓ²¶º òõóåôôéîç°ó²óÈ8ñ¡éí鶺 ó²¾ òåóçô¤äÿ«5Šñç·²´°ÿðèùßóåôõ𰍊õôè± õðŠåôè°¬ åô豍Šáõôïâïïôéîç éî ± óåãïîä󍊳£°âïïüéîç éíáçå áô ¹æ°²°°°° ®®®Š   õîãïíðòåóóéîç ëõ®ëñÁéíáçå ¾®® ï덎ŠÓôáòôéîç ëåòîål°®®¾ŠŠû    °®¸°¼°¸¸ý°üéîõø ö÷îîëï ÚòÚò⃼³¶ë÷́™ÝÙõÅùõÛþÞçýÝßùÕõ¶¼½íéþéíáì© ¨çãã öåòóéïî ´®¶®³ ²°±²°²°±°¨ðòåòåìåáóå© ¨ìéîáòÿ ÇãC ´®¶²°±²®°²©°jšÒ‚zýùÁóõð ³ ±·ºíl÷‚êэÁ²°±²ŠÛ °°¸òÂÂÇÂÃÂúÁâïÿôãïîóïìå ûåáòìù°ý åîáâìå䍊۠   °®°°°°°°ý ÃÐý úåöéóéïî éóº °°¸®Þúó‚âµáïɲ´ïã¯Hh ‚‚‚Âûð°°°ý ÷ÿã¾°á ëkÿíÃáò¹³³° òåö ±Šû    °®°°°°°°ý Ãìïóí®7 áÕù´°°®°°°Íèú¬ ÄäÒº´°°®°°°Íèú¬ áȺ²°°®°°°íÈú¼ÒÕÙé²µ®°°°ÍèúŠÛ  ° °®°°°°°°ý°ìõüeòíéîåõ ðêùóéóáì°òáí ía𺍊û    °®°°°°°°Ý° íeíïòùº °²°°°°°° à°°°°°°°°°°¨õóáâìõ©Šû°¢  ðþ°°°°°°ý éþýüûü þÿþóÿýÙÁïò ý{ù÷Á äëóáòìéþç éîiôò䍊۠   °®°°°°°°Ý°Úÿîå ðÆî òñîçå󺍊û    °®°°°°0°ý°  îïòíáì   °ø°°°°°°0° ¾ °ø°°°°²°°°ŠÛ °  °®°°°°°°ý íïöáòüõ ýëëÁóôñòô ÐæÎ öïò åáãè þïä半û    °®°°°°°°ý åñòìù ýåýïòù°ðFîØîùÝÝí=Šû  °°°®°°°°°°ÿ   °°°º°°ø±°°°ò°°°°½¾ °ø°°°°²°°°‹ÿ  ° °®°°°°°°ý âõéìüÊ‚òýùÕñåÍÑÍÁùî úïîå ïòôåò¬ ýïâéìéôù çòïõðý÷ þÿ
ŠÛ°   °®°°°°°°ý ëåòîåì ãïíýñîô°ìéþ庠 âïáòä½Ôì×ò·°³ïiëïsïìõ½öôùåôì°¬±±µ²°±°òïÿôæóüùôå¿ûùýù.ëùêæ澂òýåùåñíÙ5Šû    °®°°°°°°Ý ðÉä øñóè°ôáâìå°åîôòéõóº ±²¸ ¨ïòäåòº ½³¬ µ±² âùôå󩍊۰   °®°¸°¸°°Ý°æYËéåÁãñãèå èáóø ôáòþý¾ýùíõÝíé ¾¸nâúéÑÕéé ²¬ ±¶³¸´ âùþå󩍊û    °®°°°°°°ý éþïäõóáãøå°èaóè ôáâüõòõîüöé÷ûº°™˜ÚNHêoÙßíú ±¼°¸±¹²°â~÷ö博û°  ¸¸®ð°°°°°ý ðòéíáòù ùîûüòõãôéïî óáãèå ¶´ë⬠öéÐÔ¬ ´÷ñù¬ ìéîõóéúå°³² âùôå󮍊û    °®°°°°¸°ý ðòéíáòù äáôá ãáãèå°»ºëâ¼ ´÷áû¬°öéðô¼°ãáóèå áìéáóåó¬ üéîåóéúå ³² âùôåóá+‚‚‚ÂòÂÂÂÂÂÂêÁ÷òéôéî÷°åòòãôì°úõ÷ùóôåòý°°°´°°°¸cñ;‚‚‚ÂòÂÂÂÂÂÂêÁúùXöÅÏÿÁÅòòÃôì öõçéóôåò½°¸°°°°°°Šÿ°  °°®°°°°°°ýjÕõýÉåù°²¹±³¶ë¿¦æÓúÁñþñéìñâìõâÒÊêâúÁûåóþõþ ãïôõ¾ÚòÚÒÚÁòåóåòöå䬠´±²ë äáôñ¬ ²°¸ë ùþùô¬ °û°øùçèmåí©Šû    °®±°°°°òý óìÕ⺤çåîóü|ìïîòØäý÷ßùýí›
zéÑÕéÿ°³¬°íéîÏâþoÏïý°¬ ãðÕ󽱬 Îïäå󽱍ŠÛ° ° °®°0°°°°] îÒßéòñ󺵱Šû    °®°°°°°°Ý Ãáìéâòáôéî÷ ôåìáù ìïïð®® þº¶µ®´º Âÿöë¾
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ÂÂ帰²°°°°ÂêéåÁ½ ±±©°éû a Ár933X UART
[ 0.470000] console [ttyATH0] enabled, bootconsole disabled
[ " 0.470000] console [ttyATH0] enabled, bootconsole disabled
[ 0.480000] m25p800spi0.1: gound en25q32b, expected m25p80
[ 0.480000] m25p80 spi0.0: en25q32b (4096 Kbytes)
‚r¢Ê‚‚‚‚ê5 ôp-mink"qarþitions found on MTD device spi0.0
[ 0.490000] Creating 5"MTD partétion{ on "{pi0.0":
 8.500000] 8xp00004000000-0x000000020000 : "u-boot"
[ 0.510000] 0x000000020000-0x000000120000 : "kernel"
[ `! 0.MMÌ‚’ê0x000000120000-0x0000003f0000 : "rootfs"
[ 0.528000] mtt: pcrtitmon "¹ë‹™í‰ smt$to bYÛ½½ÑÁ³Z¿íå.WV5
[ 0.520000] split_squashfs: no squashfs found in "spi0.0"
[ 0.530000] 0x0000003f0000-0x000000500000(z ‘X.Ÿj
[ 0.530000] 0x000000020000-0x0000003f0000 : "firmware"Cá[ $0.560˜‚êagŠÂõ}µdioz ðrobed
[" !0.560000]!Y Ò JÑ¡•É½ÍAG71xx at 0xb9000000, irq 4
[ 1.110000] ag71xx ag71xx.0: eth0: connected½C%get qg?1xx-mfi.5:04(_uid=004dd043, lvivez=Generi÷ PHY]
[ 1.120000] TCP cubic registered
[ 1.130000] NET: Registered protocol family 17
[ 5.1300p0](8p21y: 802/1Q VLAN Support v1.8
[ 1.140000] JFFS2 notice: (1) jffs2_build_xattr_subsystem: complete building xattr sub{ùste[ ‚ ú™þdatum (0 unchecked, 0 orphan) and 0 of xref (0 dead, 0 orphan) found.
[ L+²‚‚‚‚ê ^FS:0Munted root <jff{2 filusystem) readonly on device 31:2.
[ 1.170000] Freeing unused kernel memory: 208k freed
[ 1.1·p000] Kernel!panic - not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= optio·™× Z•É¹•ùù(Óee Linux Docu}eotatZËë)Û+ýtx|$for guylence.

This is a log I got from booting up my bricked TP Link WR703N.
There is one simple solution I got pointed to over at the openwrt forum.
'Get good ground'
After re-soldering everything went fine and I got a clean connection/log.

USB to serial cable part 2

Beeing not very successful with my attempt of creating a usb to serial cable from an old World Phone USB Data Cable for a Sony Ericsson mobile I just got this thing working.

I recently got my TP Link WR703N ultra tiny router. Neat little thing.
But what makes this small electronic piece even more neater ?
Flashing custom firmwares on it of course !!

So long story shorts. I successfully bricked my device. Totally. Not even failsafe working anymore.
So I had to get access to the console via serial port.
The converting of the mobile cable failed because the PCB with the Prolific PL2303HX chip had no pinout printed on. Remember ?
So if you want something done properly, do it yourself.
1. I made a close up shot of the board. Properly lit.

left to serial ; right to usb/pc

2. Got the datasheet for the chip (link)
3. Traced the conducting paths from the PCB pins to the chip itself and I came up with this drawing:

From top to bottom:
BLACK (thick cable) = GND

8 / not assigned = ?
7 / yellow = ?
6 / not assigned = ?
5 / not assigned = ?
4 / black (thin cable) = RXD
3 / white = RTS_N
2 / not assigned = DTR_N
1 / blue = TXD
V 0 / red = 3.3 V

Hooking it up with the soldered serial port on the bricked device I managed to get serial console access using RealTerm.

thou shall not burn the wrong fuses

remember the arduino on hte stripboard ?! this phone cable supposed to do the usb-serial communication ?
yeah well both did not work. but I found out why.

First I most likely bricked my MCU by setting the wrong fuses.
Second I bricked all the following mcu’s as well. At least it was only one…

So once that stack of bricked atmegas gets to big I’ll dive into those fuse doctor shields. Not yet. More mcu’s are awaiting their death by trial and error.

Old mobile phone cable to TTL serial cable

Having not much success with uploading sketches to my DIY arduino I found this article on the web. I unearthed an old Sony-Ericsson phone cable out of my wonder-cable-box. Its from a company called World Phone. Never heard of it but it has the Prolific PL2303HX chip on it. I cracked it open and tried to get the pinout. Sadly the board is not very well labled and the cables only had numbers on it. Except the GND and Vcc cables.

With the multimeter I messured the following data.
First I took White as TxD and Blue as RxD. Tried it on the board with the Arduino IDE, setting it to Uno, right com-port and programmer but no success. Famous avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0×00. Changed the settings to Duemilanove and other Programmers but again nothing.
I heard that hitting the reset button directly after the IDE states the Byte size of the compiled sketch should help, but not here.
I guess I have to wait until my retail Arduino board ships in.

My first arduino clone (serious soldering ever)

While reading my electronic shop catalogue and looking at the price tag I often think…

Hey I can do this myself while simultaneously …

…save money,
…burn a lot of idle time,
…and of course, learn stuff I don’t actually need in my daily life.

So I came upon Arduinos and building them by your own.

After searching the internets I finally stumbled upon this schematic design.
Sensational ! A topic just right up my street.

So I went on collection the stuff needed. Just bought some serious composition from the electronic dealer of my confidence. I must admit I am totally new to electronics and stuff. Anyways, got the stuff together, heated up the iron and started on a brainless soldering venture.
After putting together all the parts and wires I realized there is no LED in the schematic so after getting a LITTLE into it, I figured out (I hope at least) where to put that cool clear green led. And of course the led on pin13. After figuring out that I messed up gnd and + and fixing it, here it is.

My first arduino clone (serious soldering ever)

stripduino with pinout for programming

As I said, compared to the schematic from the link. I also put in two leds and one ICSP port. I guess thats the way it is called. The ICSP port is haywired carefully into the board without touching any other cords. This article by barttech over at showed me what to do.

With an STK500 and AVR Studio 4 I burned the bootloader onto the chip and transfered the ic after that back on my homemade arduino. Through the ICSP I wanted to upload sketches to it but it didn’t worked out.

To be continued…

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